10th May 2023




Kuwait : Talal I. El-Assaad

Talal I. El-Assaad

Enterprise Change Management Specialist - Passionate about Building Success Stories

Believer in the positive power of Change & Transformation
Author of “The CREED WAY©️: Building Enabled Generations & Societies”
Passionate about Building Success Stories
Determined to Enable Youth
Founder @ZederConsult®
Founder @ProClipseConsulting
Dreamer of Civic Duty & Responsibility

I have experienced self-transformation firsthand both on my personal journey and +20 Years of managing & helping small, medium, and large clients in the FMCG, Retail & Hospitality industries to startup, turn around and scale across multiple MENA markets.

As a founder of ProClipse Consulting, the Transformational CHANGE Management Advisory & Implementation firm, I firmly believe that “Embracing change which adapts to the current and future environment is paramount to guaranteeing business success.” The key to making this change a reality is to ensure PEOPLE (starting with self) transition into the desired future state and adjust their behaviors, actions, and mindset.

We’ve been partnering with education leaders to increase equity and achievement for all students.

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Students Review

Being a leader in my profession has been a daunting task for quite many years. Upon receiving the invitation of LUBM webinar I happily joined and my perspective has changed towards my team . I have learned to focus on my vernacular and have been practicing a specific method in my articulation to avoid confusion and conflict with my team which has helped me strengthened my chain of command .my appreciation extends to lubm for this insightful opportunity.
Chloe Acero
Product Designer
I started my online company back in 2004 when the technology was mundane and lucid .there has been radical changes in the industry in the past decade with advanced technology and online trends .while attending this webinar I learned new and effective ways of research patterns which has contributed in the success of my businesses image by being prominent and relevant with up and coming trends in todays thriving business.

Mohammed Abdul Razzaq
Business Head
Avoiding risk while running my projects has always been a challenge for me . As a professional I could not invite doubt upon my execution. Thanks to LUBM webinar I have now shifted my focus on managing risk rather than avoiding them which has helped me immensely in foreseeing and over coming the challenges I face today .

Hadia Mohsen
Sales Manager
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